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The Quebec Self-Employed category for the Solo and Independent Worker

self-employed expert in Quebec

 The Quebec Self-Employed program has reopened for November 1st, 2019. Individuals that qualify may apply until September 30th, 2020

  The Quebec Self-Employed Category has reopened with a quota intake of 50 applicants. The quota will not apply for an applicant that has reached a high intermediate level in French (B2 level in TEF, TCF, TEFAQ, DELF, DALF)

  The self-employed category is an interesting opportunity for individuals that are working on their own and that are being   remunerated from contracts or commissions from their own efforts instead of being remunerated by an employer through salary.

It is accessible for most eligible candidates providing that the documentation and evidence identifies the candidate as a self-employed.


The self-employed procedure is subject to a selection grid based on the following criteria:

  • Training (Diploma or degree)
  • Experience (2 years minimum as a self-employed)
  • Age
  • Level of proficiency in French and English
  • Stay and family in Quebec
  • Characteristics of the spouse or the de-facto spouse (Age, French, Education)
  • Financial self-sufficiency
  • Financial resources (Minimum of $100,000.00 CAD)
  • Sign a performance agreement with a refundable deposit of $50,000.00 within the Montreal region or $25,000.00 outside Montreal.


The total passing score for a married candidate is 70 points and 63 points for the single applicant.

The candidate working under a regulated trade or profession must show intent to obtain accreditation from the regulated body in Quebec.

Once approved at the preliminary level, the self-employed is called for an interview.

Once the CSQ (Certificate of Selection of Quebec) is issued, the applicant and his or her family members will proceed for the federal application for permanent residence in order to finalize the security and medical clearance.

You may also consider the Quebec Entrepreneur or the Quebec Investor Program.

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Are you self-employed?

You may be eligible under the current business self-employed categories.

The self-employed programs are ideal for the craftsman, the artist and for the autonomous worker.


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