The Quebec Entrepreneur - Opening the door for the Bold Businessperson

This category is currently suspended and IS EXPECTED TO reopen WITH NEW REQUIREMENTS on August 15th, 2018


As per the current Quebec regulations, the entrepreneur must hold the following criteria:

  1. Hold at least 2 years experience in the operation of an enterprise that the foreign national acquired in the 5 years preceding the date of filing of the application and comes to Québec
  2. Invest a minimum of $100,000.00 CAD in an enterprise he or she will create or acquire in Quebec
  3. Hire at least one Quebec resident in his or her future business in Quebec
  4. Submit a business plan after having completed an exploratory visit
  5. Hold a minimum of $300,000.00 CAD in total assets (liquid or property assets)
  6. Etc.


The Quebec selection procedure is also based on a set of selection criteria such as the following:

  1. Age
  2. Business experience (two to five years)
  3. Education
  4. Proficiency in French and in English
  5. Former trips and relatives in Quebec
  6. Financial Capacity
  7. Adaptability: Knowledge of Quebec, evaluation of the business project (assessed during interview)
  8. Personal net worth (minimum of $300,000.00 CAN)
  9. Evaluation of the business project : the assessment will differ according to the type of business that is involved and whether the applicant will acquire an existing enterprise or whether the applicant will create a new business.


The applicant is expected to have completed an exploratory visit in order to acquire information on Quebec’s company legislation and on the sector of business related to his project. The steps that will have been taken will be important to demonstrate that the applicant’s business is viable and based on a thorough investigation.

The origin of the personal net worth will be evaluated in order to dismiss any income or asset received illegally.

The Quebec application is submitted in Montreal. Once approved by the Quebec authorities, a separate federal application is submitted in order to process the medical and security clearance.

Upon arriving in Québec, the entrepreneur must comply with one of the options indicated above, for at least one year during the three years after obtaining permanent resident status to create or acquire in whole or in part the business with a value of at least $100,000.00 CAD, employ a resident and participate in the daily management of the business.


You may complete our Business Evaluation Form and we will return to you soon with information on the procedure.

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