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The New Manitoba Investor Stream for Entrepreneurs or Senior Managers

 The Manitoba Province has reopened a new Business Stream which replaces the old MPNP-B program


The new requirements under the Manitoba Business Investor category are as following:

  • Hold a minimum of 500,000.00 in total net assets, preferably more in order to reach a higher score.
  • All assets and source of funds held by the applicant will be verified by an authorized third party
  • Evidence of ownership with three years business experience or 3 years experience as a senior manager in a successful business.
  • Have visited Manitoba and in an exploratory visit prior to submitting the initial application.
  • You and your spouse if applicable have a knowledge of French or English with a CLB/NCLC 5 or above;
  • Invest in an eligible business a minimum amount of $150,000 or $250,000 depending on the location of the business (inside or outside the Capital Region)
  • Provide a Business Plan with details on your business project in Manitoba
  • Obtain suffficient points according to a selection grid. The applicants with the highest points will have a greater chance of being selected.

Passive business activities or purely speculative business activities are not recognized as an eligible investment. The nominee is expected to be active in the management of his or her future business within the province of Manitoba.


Additional information


The selected applicants will be issued a work permit for two years during which time they will have the opportunity to start their business and comply with their business plan. Once nominated or approved by the province, the applicant and his or her family members will be invited to apply for the permanent residence at the federal level.

Overall, the Manitoba nominee program for entrepreneurs is an interesting opportunity for individuals with sufficient assets that wish to settle in the province of Manitoba.

You may contact us for further information on our services for this business program. 

Should you be interested in this category or any other Business program we invite you to complete our Business Evaluation Form. We will be pleased to respond to you as soon as possible.


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