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The Student Permit in Canada- The Road Towards Your Goals

The student permit is a temporary visa required for part-time or full time studies at the primary, secondary or post-secondary levels


For most studies performed in the Quebec Province, the foreign student will need to apply for the Quebec certificate of acceptation (CAQ) directly through the local Quebec immigration authorities.

Studies for a study program with less than 6 months studies will be exempt of applying for a student visa. It is however in the student’s interest to seek the study permit if he or she intends to work on campus or if the student decides to undertake other studies after completing the short training program.



The basis for the study permit application is the letter of acceptance from an educational institution.

The student must also show a genuine intent to study in Canada and to return to his or her home country after completing the study program. Evidence of this intent will usually be demonstrated through the student’s academic and personal profile.

Another important requirement consists of presenting sufficient financial resources for the student and his or her dependents covering the expenses for the first year of study such as the tuition fees, food and lodging expenses. Although the financial requirements are set for the first year of study, the visa officer will verify the student’s ability to fulfill his financial needs for the remaining period of his study program.

The financial evaluation is discretionary and further detailed documentary evidence may be required in order to convince the visa officer of any doubt that may arise during the evaluation.

An interview will not be required unless the application is incomplete or unless the documentary evidence raises any doubts to the student’s financial ability to provide for himself and his family members.

In certain circumstances, a student permit may be submitted within Canada. The application is usually submitted in the country of temporary or permanent residence. The applicant may also, in certain situations, apply through any Consulate in the United States if he or she is currently under a visitor’s visa in Canada.

Working after graduation

After successfully completing a post-secondary degree or diploma, the candidate may apply for a work permit. The duration of the work permit will vary according to the years of studies. If the program of study lasted two years or more, the work permit will carry a validity of three years. For studies that lasted less than two years but more than eight months, the length of the work permit will be the same as the length of the study program. The work permit will be conditional that the study program be performed in an approved academic institution.

Studying in Quebec

For this province, the student will need a CAQ (Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec). The CAQ will be waived if the studies are less than six months. It is however recommended to apply for the CAQ prior to arriving if the student intends to pursue additional studies in Canada.

Conditions for the CAQ

The student will submit a letter of admission from the academic institution either at the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels.

Evidence of sufficient funds will be required. The amount must cover the first year of study for the principal applicant and any accompanying family member.  The amount should cover for the essential expenses such as the trip expenses, tuition fees and lodging expenses for one year. Each year, the Quebec immigration authorities will publish the minimum financial capacity. The amount is set according to the size of the family and according to the age of the accompanying family member. An extra installation fee estimated at $500.00 is considered essential for the initial year.

Evidence of hospitalization and health insurance will be compulsory to cover for the student and the accompanying family members.

A third party may sign a declaration of support with additional evidence of sufficient financial capacity. All applications are processed in Quebec. The visa office processing the application for a student permit will have the duty to verify the applicant’s financial capacity.


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