Quebec Skilled workers - A great category for candidates with training in demand

Immigrate to Canada through the Quebec immigration skilled worker category

Submit your profile through the ARRIMA portal. Have your profile selected by an employer in Quebec.

- This category currently applies to temporary students or workers in Canada. It also applies to foreign applicants that hold training considered in demand as per a given list of training issued by the Quebec Immigration authorities. This list is renewed on a yearly basis.

The Quebec province holds a regulated power to select the candidates that intend to settle in its territory. The Quebec immigration application consists of applying for the Certificat de selection du Quebec (CSQ).

The regulations specify that the skilled worker is a foreign national who settles in Quebec to hold employment the foreign national is likely able to hold.

The Quebec selection process for the skilled worker is primarily focused on candidates holding training and education considered in demand in the province. The selection procedure is also based on a selection grid that involves the following criteria:

1) Level of education compared to the equivalent Quebec educational classification
2) Areas of training with emphasis on sectors considered in demand in Quebec – A specific score is given according to the list in demand
3) Full time work experience within the last five years
4) Age
5) Proficiency in French and English (Oral interaction and written comprehension will give the highest points)
6) Stay and family in Quebec
7) Characteristics of the accompanying spouse such as the age, education, training and if applicable, knowledge of French
8) Validated employment offer if applicable
9) Children
10) Financial self-sufficiency

The procedure has recently been changed. The candidate must now submit an expression of interest through the government of Quebec ARRIMA online portal.  The candidates with the highest score or with strong employability capacities will be invited by the minister to submit a complete file.

Our clients are informed in advance of the strong elements in their file as well as their weaknesses.

An interview is set during which the applicant is given a final decision for the Quebec Selection certificate (CSQ). The interview may also be waived. Once approved by the Quebec government (CSQ issued), the candidate is invited to submit an application for permanent residence with the federal authorities for processing the medical and inadmissibility issues.

A new list of area of training is in demand and is effective since August 2nd 2018.

There are other areas of training available if your studies were completed in Quebec or are considered equivalent to a Quebec degree (certain studies in Canada, France and USA). An additional accreditation procedure may be required.

The list may be modified by the Quebec authorities at any given time. It is therefore in the best interest of the candidate to apply as soon as possible while his or her profile is favorable.

The Quebec Immigration skilled worker program is an interesting alternative and may allow you to immigrate if you are eligible.

If you are interested in our assistance, please feel free to contact us and we will be pleased to assist you in your immigration project.

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