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bellemare vinet immigration attorneysYou wish to immigrate under the Business category but you are uncertain under which program you should apply or which Province may approve your file quickly?

You intend to work in Canada, however, you are uncertain if your experience fits the requisites in your Province of destination?

You wish to bring your parents and have no clue as to the conditions that you or your parents must meet?

We offer an assortment of legal services for individuals wishing to settle permanently or temporarily in Canada.

Bellemare & Vinet Attorneys will be pleased to assist you with any of the following popular categories:

There are several other situations that we can assist you with such as Administrative reviews, appeals at the Federal Court of Canada and Judicial Reviews at the Superior Court of Quebec, etc.

Allow us to guide you through the immigration labyrinth. Each of the above mentioned categories holds several definitions, exceptions or subtle precisions that may be otherwise easily overlooked by the layperson.

The immigration legislation and its regulations, whether they are applied at the provincial or at the federal level, are often being altered by legislative amendments or by the recent case law arrising from our courts. Don’t let yourself be influenced by the official websites and their simplified appearance. The Government will not assist you if you make an error in your application or if you apply in the wrong category.

Integrity, Professionalism, Experience and confidentiality: these are the principles that our services take root on while executing your life’s and family’s most important project. Our commitment is based on more than thirty years of experience in immigration law. Our wealth of experience and knowledge in immigration law is suited to serve our diverse and international client base, ranging from the family reunification program to the magnate investor.

Our clients' interests are imperative. Our success depends on our commitment to serve our clients with better solutions.

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Fully authorized to represent immigration candidates by the Canadian and Quebec Governments

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Are you self-employed?

You may be eligible under the current business self-employed categories.

The self-employed programs are ideal for the craftsman, the artist and for the autonomous worker.


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